Taking Quillivant XR

Quillivant XR® (methylphenidate HCl) is a liquid medicine that is taken by mouth, once in the morning.

  • Quillivant XR comes with an oral dosing dispenser. This will help you measure the amount of medication needed for the day
  • Take Quillivant XR exactly as prescribed, remember that you MUST shake vigorously for at least 10 seconds prior to each use
  • With liquid Quillivant XR, your healthcare professional may individualize the dose by adjusting it up and down to meet your child's needs

Instructions for Use

Check Contents

  • Step 1. Remove the Quillivant XR bottle and oral dosing dispenser from the box. If the oral dosing dispenser is missing or not provided, please contact your pharmacist for a replacement.
  • Step 2. Check and make sure that the Quillivant XR bottle contains liquid medicine. If Quillivant XR is still in powder form, do not use it. Return it to your pharmacist.

Shake Well!

  • Step 3. Shake the bottle well (up and down) for at least 10 seconds before each use.

Prepare Dose

  • Step 4. Uncap the bottle and check that the bottle adapter has been fully inserted into the bottle. If the bottle adapter has not been inserted by the pharmacist into the bottle, insert adapter into the bottle. After the bottle adapter has been fully inserted into the bottle, it should not be removed. If the bottle adapter has not been inserted and is missing from the box, contact your pharmacist.
    The bottle adapter must be fully inserted and should be even with the mouth of the bottle and must remain in place to allow the child resistant cap to work the right way.
  • Step 5. Check the Quillivant XR dose in milliliters (mL) as prescribed by your healthcare professional. Locate this number on the oral dosing dispenser.
  • Step 6. Insert tip of the oral dosing dispenser into the upright bottle and push the plunger all the way down.
  • Step 7. With the oral dosing dispenser in place, turn the bottle upside down. Pull the plunger to the number of mL you need (the amount of liquid medicine in Step 5). Measure the number of mL of medicine from the white end of the plunger.
  • Step 8. Remove the oral dosing dispenser from the bottle adapter.

Take Quillivant XR

  • Step 9. Slowly squirt Quillivant XR directly into your or your child’s mouth.

Proper Storage

  • Step 10. Cap the bottle tightly. Store the bottle upright at 59°F to 86°F (15°C to 30°C).
  • Step 11. Clean the oral dosing dispenser after each use by placing in the dishwasher, or by rinsing with tap water.

Reminder: Vigorously shake the bottle for at least 10 seconds before each dose, to ensure that the proper dose is administered.

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